Children’s Books

Take a C.A.B. to Happy Land. By Clinical child psychologist.

Fears go hand in hand with childhood – the boogey man under the bed, the monster in the closet. How do you help your child cope with these fears so he or she can nod off into a peaceful slumber? In this fun, delightful, engaging, simple but profound book, clinical psychologist Lynne Woolfson offers a solution: Take a CAB to happy land.
C=Calm: Breathe in one, two; breathe out, one two.
A=Action: Fill a balloon with bad thoughts and send it flying to the moon.
B=Be Happy: Think of something that makes you giggle.
This simple formula –CAB – offers distraction and relaxation, allowing your child to transform negative, fearful thoughts into calm, relaxing, and healing ones. It should be by the bedside of every young child and especially sensitive children. Reading this fun story to your child before going to sleep will not only help him or her learn to self-calm and think positively but will lay a foundation for developing a positive mindset to enable your child to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.


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