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What Is an Empath?

Are you:
• Emotionally sensitive
• Moody (four seasons in a day)
• Intuitive
• Prone to feeling tired or drained

Do you have:
• Loose personal boundaries and allow others to drain you
• Heightened senses (sound, touch, light, scent, taste, movement)
• GI issues, food intolerances or allergies

If so, you are likely an empath.

What is an Empath?

There are an increasing number of people who are identifying with the term “empath”. It is an umbrella term used to describe extremely sensitive and intuitive people. An empath has their pulse on how other people feel and can perceive different dimensions of the world .In other words, the empath has the ability to understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions, as if they were his own.
Being an Empath Can Have Its Downside
Being in touch with the other’s feelings means you are a good listener, kind, intuitive and compassionate. But easily picking up another’s energy has its downside. You get easily distressed if the other feels sad, annoyed, angry or frustrated and you too begin to have similar feelings. You are also a target for drainers – people with negative energy who can suction up your good, healing energy.
Some of the Empath’s Characteristics
• Acute senses: smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing
• Acute awareness of other’s feelings and able to feel deeply for those in pain or suffering
• Easily hurt
• Avoids conflict preferring to keep things harmonious
• Easily startled
• Easily moved to tears
• Sensitive to changes in weather
• Perceptive to other peoples moods
• Dislikes being in crowded situations
• Engenders trust in people who easily open up to them
• Attracts animals and children
• Perceives with the heart
• Nurturing and caring
• Resonates strongly with music, harmony and creativity


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