About Me

Lynne Woolfson: Clinical Psychologist

Lynne lives and works in Caulfield, Melbourne Australia. She is a clinical psychologist, registered with Medicare.

She has been in private practice for over 25 years. She has been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of patients from all walks of life and of all ages. To be allowed into her patient’s personal world is both an honour and a privilege. To watch people transform their lives into something more beautiful, trusting and hopeful makes her work very rewarding.

She sees herself as a spiritual and intuitive healer. In other words she believes in an inner wisdom, a sixth sense, a gut feeling that is not necessarily explained by the rational mind.

She prefers an open, trusting and caring relationship with her  patients than the traditional one up,” I’m a specialist and you are the patient type of relationship”.

Lynne has published books, which can be found on Amazon.

“The Life of an Empath: Towards Hope”

“Parenting Your Sensitive Child”

and Take a CAB to Happy Land”.

She has also been published in Elephant journal, and her latest article on self harm, was picked as the editors favourite.

Lynne has inspired many clients with her wise guidance, authenticity and relaxed nature.

Lynne loves her work. She loves being able to help people lead a more mindful, fulfilling and happier life. As an immigrant from South Africa, she feels blessed and grateful to be living in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Oh and she loves her four legged friend Lucy, and did anyone mention chocolates?