Parenting Workshops

There are no manuals that come with our children. Parenting is the most important job. We need to put in time, energy and thought into how we parent, so that we can nurture well grounded, kind and resilient children.
If you want to be a more effective, calmer, better parent, then you need to do some work. Lynne has had years of experience , she believes that what you put in-you tend to get out.

A parent workshop is the best investment.
Please email for more information.
Run by Lynne Woolfson.

Topics include
Listening to your children
Getting them to cooperate without threats and bribes
Discipline (with less drama)
Self esteem
and much more...

She has run many many parent workshops over the years and has hundreds of happy parents who have benefited from these groups (not to mention their children). This work has culminated in her writing the parenting book, which is a book for all parents.
She says that; " It is generally the great parents who come to such workshops, the ones who are open to learning and the ones who know that to invest in parenting is by far the greatest investment of all!"