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Lynne Woolfson – Clinical Spiritual Psychologist,and Hypnotherapist. Working in Caulfield, Melbourne.

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Lynne is a practising as a Clinical, Spiritual psychologist, working from a private practice in Caulfield, Melbourne.. She works with children, young adults and adults from a private practice in Melbourne. She loves teaching people powerful tools that will enable them to feel more empowered and successful in their lives. She feels honoured to be able to connect with others and share their journey.She has authored four popular books. She is a writer for elephant journal. She loves looking for synchronicities and signs, in her own life and that of her clients. Oh and she loves chocolates and her four legged friend Lucy.

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The Life of An Empath: Towards Hope-by Lynne Woolfson. Melbourne Clinical Psychologist.

Guidelines for you as an Empath, to protect you against your tendencies to take on another’s energy so you can live life with more energy and vitality.

Take A C.A.B. To Happy Land. By Lynne Woolfson. Clinical psychologist in Melbourne, Australia.

Does your child have fears? Help your child to relax and discard their negative thoughts. Clinical child psychologist uses the acronym C.A.B to teach your child strategies to relax and discard their fears.

Parenting your sensitive child, By Lynne Woolfson. Clinical Psychologist and mother of three sensitive children.

Do you have a sensitive child? If so this book will give you tools needed to help raise your child to become a happy and productive member of society.